Filter Housings

Terminal Filter Housings

The Terminal Filter housings are used in cleanroom to mount the HEPA filters .These are made out of SS304/GI PU Painted with room/mezzanine operated volume control damper. These modules are provided with SS port for filter integrity test.

Return air Riser Modules with Grills

These modules made out from SS 304/ GI powder coated provided with easy removable grill and filter.

Air Filters

We have been manufacturing air filters for industrial application for the past 10 years from the range 20 micron ,10 micron ,5 micron and 3 micron filters. Air filters are available in washable and air cleanable versions. Mounting options are available FLANGE/BOX.All 10 micron and 5 micron filter media pleats are provided with rods for filters durability and extra life.

Air Diffusers

SS Perforated Diffusers

These diffusers are made out of SS 304 pre finished plasticized sheets duly perforated in different patterns.

Aluminium Extruded/Perforated Diffusers

These diffusers are made out of Aluminium extruded/plain sheets duly perforated in different patterns and epoxy powder coated.

Volume control dampers

Low Leak Dampers

These dampers are made out of Aluminium extruded profiles of Aerofoil design with opposed blades . The Blades are connected with nylon gears for smooth and noise less operation. Damper control options are available either motorized or manual operation .

Fire Dampers

These dampers are made from 16G GSS sheet with opposed blade louvers provided with UL rated fusible link duly epoxy powder coated.The spring connected fusible link enables the damper to shut off whenever fire occurs in the duct circuit. A limit switch also provided along with the damper to switch off the blower of respective AHU.A Duct module with service panel is connected to the damper to replace the fusible link.


Bag-in / Bag-out Filtration is engineered to provide a safe, stable working environment. The HEPA Seal Bag In/Bag Out housings are designed to protect facility personnel and the general public from dangerous materials by filtering those materials. Bag-In/Bag-Out filter housings for fluid or gasket seal primary filters are side loading filter housings which have been designed to meet the air filtration needs of industries and research facilities that handle dangerous, toxic, biological or carcinogenic material. To minimize exposure to this harmful contamination while replacing and handling dirty filters, the housing incorporates a ribbed Bag-In/Bag-Out ring over which a heavy-duty plastic bag is attached

Pre-cooling units

Pre –cooling units are mainly used to reduce the moisture content from the fresh air catering to AHU which may causes in increasing the relative humidity in the designated room. These units are made out of 25mm thk PUF panels provided with Aluminium anodized structure. The Pannels are made out of pre-painted galvanized iron sheet of exterior skin and plain galvanized iron sheet of interior skin.All units are supplied in singular format. However they can supply in dismantle conditions also wherever required. The Density of PUF is 40kg/ Coil sections is provided with chilled water of 4, 6 & 8 rows deep . SS 304 insulated coil tray is provided with proper drain trap. Coil face velocity will not be more than 500 fpm .These units are mounted on a base channel with a provision for hanging/floor mounting.

cooling coils

These coils are mainly used in AHU air cooling systems. All coils are made out of 3/8”,1/2” and 5/8” copper tubes with aluminium fins.The header is provided with MS inlet and out let connections.

A copper distributor is provided for DX evaporator. Chilled water can be used as medium of refrigerant for chilled water coil and R22 gas can be used as medium of refrigerant for DX evaporator.

Hot water/ Steam coils

These coils are mainly used in AHU de humidifying systems. All coils are made out of 3/8”,1/2” and 5/8” copper tubes with aluminium fins.The header is provided with MS inlet and out let connections.

AHU Loop Piping

AHU Chilled water/Hot water Loop piping is provided at AHU coils inlet to control the chilled /Hot water flow to save the energy.The chiiled/water water will be by passed to the return header from the supply header with out entering to the AHU through auto divert (activator) control system when the desired conditions achieved in the systems. This causes in reducing the heat load in the centralized chiller which will lead to energy saving

Factory made GI /SS ducting

All the GI ducting is fabricated from C.R. sheets continuous galvanized with minimum zinc coating 180 g/sq. m both side inclusive as per IS:277 All ducts are sealed with food grade RTV sealent wherever required.

The Ducts are fabricated strictly confirm to ISS 655 :1963. Duct joints are connected with extruded MS angle flanges duly painted. Galvanized threaded supports are used to hand the ducting.

We have more than two decades of experience in fabricating and erection of Ducting in the cleanroom HAVC projects.

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